Drift Cabinet by Vitamin

Drift Cabinet 1

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Drift Cabinet 1

Drift is a unique storage cabinet designed by London based company Vitamin. On first look it creates an impression that some parts of the cabinet are broken free and are drifting away. Following is some information from the designer’s “The Drift cabinet playfully explores the possibility that your cabinet could one day break free from its boundaries and drift away. The white high gloss lacquer cabinet with some walnut interiors start to drift away on the right hand side with several units fastened to the wall to give the impression they have broken away and are going through the wall.

The compartments are differing sizes and shape to house various items including books, a 50” TV and media centre, and some open shelves for vases or photographs. Some compartments also have invisible hinges which when flipped over cover the adjacent compartment.”

Drift Cabinet 2

Drift Cabinet 3

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