“Eat Play Grow” Growing Table by Ruth Vatcher

Eat Play Grow Growing Table 1

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Eat Play Grow Growing Table 1

“Eat Play Grow” Growing Table is an interactive furniture unit designed by Ruth Vatcher. It is designed to educate children about growing vegetables and encourage them to grow their own food. In designer’s words, “The simple yet functional design is aimed at being placed in an interior setting such as a kitchen or a bedroom. The child is encouraged to grow herbs or vegetables as well as prepare the food. Simple storage solutions such as the use of felt allow the child to store tools discretely. The table is designed to be simple and subtle, integrating healthy living into a child’s life from a young age. It is designed to educate children and promote healthy living.

Eat Play Grow Growing Table 2

The combination of materials was chosen so that the product remains versatile and timeless, easily becoming part of a child’s daily life. Functions of the table include; a herb sprouting tray, a chopping board for food preparation, a watering pot and felt storage system. The storage system reduces storage space and keeps the material usage to a minimum. It is designed to store tools and acts as an alternative to drawers and trays.”

Eat Play Grow Growing Table 3

Eat Play Grow Growing Table 4

Image Courtesy: Ruth Vatcher

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