Envelop Desk by Herman Miller

Envelop Office Desk

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Envelop Office Desk

Envelop Desk is a unique work table designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber for Herman Miller. The surface or tabletop of the desk sits on a sliding channel and moves to and fro as you move your chair. That means you don’t have to reach for the keyboard and mouse when you recline the chair a little bit as the tabletop also comes forward with you. The table perfectly suits for the long hours of non-stop working. Coupled with the Embody chair designed by the same designer, the Envelop Desk creates a comfortable work environment.

Envelop Office table

In designer’s words, “All those hours at work, you move, your chair moves, the desk stays put. Even the best task chairs can’t do it all, so we’ve brought ergonomic principles to the one element that was just sitting there. A desk that moves? Radical! A desk that promotes healthful movement? That makes sitting at a computer comfortable? It’s Envelop, the first desk designed to help you, your chair, your desk, and computer work together for better health and comfort.”

Envelop Flexible Office Desk

Envelop work Desk

Envelop Office Desk and Embody Chair

Envelop Office Desk and Embody Chair

Envelop Office Desk 7

Envelop Office Desk 8

Envelop Office Desk 9

Envelop Office Desk

Image Courtesy: Herman Miller