EVA – Cute Little Chair for Kids by h220430

EVA chair for kids 1

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EVA chair for kids 1

Japanese design studio h220430 has designed EVA, a cute little chair for kids. Following is some information from the designers, “People can absorb many things efficiently during their childhood. Therefore, it is preferable that people should touch superior designs for fostering a rich sensibility during their childhood. However, unfortunately superior designs are rarely utilized for child products.

We consider that a design would be necessary for children who will form or create the future. Therefore, EVA chair is the chair for those children.

EVA chair for kids 2

It can be completed just by rolling up a piece of board and fastening it with a string. Because it can be returned to a planar shape easily, it can be stored even in small space. It also can save energy and cost at the time of shipment.

EVA chair for kids 3

The material EVA that is used to build this chair is lightweight and holds a rich flexibility, superior durability, and various color variations. If the material accidentally enters into a mouth by any chance, it will be still safe so it is a good material for children.

EVA chair for kids 4

In addition, with consideration of the material for high recyclability, no dioxin generation, and environmentally friendly, the material is suitable for children who play an important role in the future.

EVA chair for kids 5

We certainly wish that children can foster their flexible imagination and build a rich and enjoyable life with this EVA chair.”

EVA chair for kids 6

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