Fishnet Chair by Karre Design

Fishnet Chair 1

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Fishnet Chair 1

Istanbul-based company Karre Design has created the Fishnet Chair. It was designed by Sadi Ozis in 1959. The chair is made using stainless steel and hand woven fishnet. According to the designer, “This chair was originally designed during post war period as a result of the designer’s experimentation on various materials – that were not produced for furniture production indeed – and what could be done with those materials. Real fishing net was woven on a construction iron frame by hand, resulting in hardly unmatched aesthetic look even today.

Fishnet Chair 2

The chair woven by using a fishnet does not look very comfortable and strong, however, on the contrary it is quite ergonomic and capable to withstand heavy weight.

Fishnet Chair 3

Based on the original materials, karre has produced Fishnet chair using stainless steel and hand woven fishnet, enabling this furniture item to be used outdoors and on yacht decks, where the original inspiration came from.”

Fishnet Chair 4

Fishnet Chair 5

Image Courtesy: Karre Design


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