4 Creative Flexible Lights & Lamps Ideas

X-shaped ceiling lamp

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Looking for creative flexible lights and lamps ideas? These lights and lamps were created by independent top designers around the world. Note that not all of these products are available for purchase, and some are just prototypes, so use these for inspiration for new ideas. See our post on flexible lights and lamps to view products you can buy online today!

1. MODLI Flexible Lighting System

Flexible Modular Lighting System Modli 1

MODLI is a modular lighting system designed by Vanja Valencak, which consists of several elements that can be combined in many ways. With MODLI lamp you can shape your own illuminating object with the form and color of your choice. In the designer’s words, “MODLI lighting object is very simple and practical for maintenance and it makes versatile lightning effects both in public areas and as an architectural light. Certainly, it will be most appreciated and enjoyed in our homes where one can change lighting arrangement as many times as one wishes.

Flexible Modular Lighting System Modli 2

The two most important elements of MODLI lamps are illuminating objects consisting of LED technology bulbs. It is simple for both use and maintenance. The third element represents a connection between the first two elements and it conducts electricity. Each facet of the rounded cube can be closed with a nicely shaped cap. The fourth and fifth elements connect illuminating elements to the power source and the spots the lamps will be hooked up to, e.g. the wall.”

Flexible Modular Lighting System Modli 3
Flexible Modular Lighting System Modli 4
Flexible Modular Lighting System Modli 5

2. Flexible Lighting System – Online

Online is a unique minimalist lighting system designed by Bart Lens for Eden Design. The simplicity of the light fixture’s design makes that it can be used anywhere. It can be built-in, hung from the ceiling, or mounted on the wall. It has an innovative magnet and contact system which makes it easy to mount and move the light source. A wide variety of LED light fixtures are available with a different character and lighting quality; a mini spotlight ‘dot’, built-in or wall-mounted stripes ‘in’ and ‘out’, and directable pliable sheets called ‘knick’. Check out the pictures.

Online lighting system 1
Online lighting system 2
Online lighting system 3
Online lighting system 4
Online lighting system 5

3. Minimalist chandelier with sculptural expression

Designer John Procario created a fantastic sculptural chandelier that looks like a miracle of nature. The chandelier Flux I is created from a fluid sculpted piece of wood that looks like it is lightly hovering in the space.

The piece looks different when viewed from different perspectives and angles, thanks to the way it is created. The chandelier is made from a single piece of white oak, with fluid, sculptural form.

The inner side of the wood has embedded LED lights that perfectly illuminate the space, covered with acrylic plastic to get an interesting lighting effect. But the lights are not visible from the outside, giving it a dose of mystery to the piece that resembles a gentle natural branch collected from a walk through the mountains or forest.

Minimalist chandelier with sculptural expression
Minimalist chandelier with sculptural expression1
Minimalist chandelier with sculptural expression2
Minimalist chandelier with sculptural expression3

4. Minimalist lamp that can be easily transformed into different forms

The minimalist lamp designed by Rowan Jackman shows how a simple piece of wood with a little creativity can be transformed into several different forms. It is constructed like a wooden rod and several sections printed on a 3D printer.

The floor lamp has built-in LED lamps and apart from the wood and the printed parts, it needs no additional support or glue. The wooden rods that constitute the lamp merge with 3D joints that hold them firmly. They can be placed in several different positions and shapes. The LED lights can be easily adapted to a stronger or softer ambient light.


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