Flexible Zaza Chair By Omri Barzeev

Zaza Chair by Omri Barzeev

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Zaza Chair by Omri Barzeev

Zaza is a flexible chair designed by Omri Barzeev of Israel. In designer’s words, “Zaza is a new chair that created and based on a research and integration of various substance and in search of the morphology, resulting from a combination of substances consisting of a variety of characteristics which supplement each other to create harmony in the final product. The deviation from the common rules has brought about a surprising product for the viewer and user. Zaza is flexible and presents an equal relationship between the  chair and the user, so it is able to create and adjust itself to each individual user.”

Green Zaza Chair

Black Zaza Chair

Red Zaza Chair

Matte Zaza Chair

Grey Zaza Chair

Outdoor Zaza Chair

Grey Zaza Chair

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