Foldaway Office Furniture From Kenchikukagu

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This brilliant Foldaway Office furniture series is really compact and unique. Ideal for small and congested offices, this furniture set offers all the facilities and comfort of a regular office furniture. Once you have done your work simply close the unit and place it in a corner to have some free space o do other stuffs.

“Kenchikukagu furniture complements interiors by functioning as both architecture and furniture. To create an office, simply open it, and then when finished, fold it back up. The dual-function of Kenchikukagu meshes with the Skelton-infill construction concept, in which the structure of a building is separate from the interior and when you finish your work, shut down your PC, then turn off the LED table light, and fold this office. You can rock the door and put away in a corner of the room. It is on casters so take to anywhere like a suitcase.” –Kenchikukagu.

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