Free Port Cabinet by Marti Guixe

Free Port Cabinet 1

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Free Port Cabinet 1

Free Port is a versatile cabinet designed by Marti Guixe for Spanish company BD Barcelona Design. Following is some description from BD Barcelona Design, “Martí Guixé is an atypical creator. And this is why he rejects any labelling or attempt to classify him as a designer. In this profession he has been able to find his own space for expression in which he can develop naturally and with surprising liberty.

At BD we invited him to plan a new cabinet to form part of the collection which includes such individual pieces as the elegant Multileg by Jaime Hayon and the spectacular Tout va bien by the French graphic artists Antoine et Manuel.

Free Port Cabinet 2

His proposal is called Free Port. “It is a modular piece of furniture made of container cubes, with various functions. They have a dynamic both in their volume and in their position and finish. The woods, all different and all synthetic, are always on the inside.” It is multifunctional. Perfect for being the centre for a party. It allows for different configurations, and can also work as an island piece. And if we ask Guixé to do a double version in a larger size, he turns it over again —literally— and builds it with simple superposition.”

Free Port Cabinet 3

Free Port Cabinet 4

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