Fu Lei Zhi Bench by Vivian Chiu

Fu Lei Zhi Bench 1

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Fu Lei Zhi Bench 1

Fu Lei Zhi is a bench designed by Vivian Chiu as a part of a research project in collaboration with Klinger Engineering. In designer’s words, “The research is based on a new product ‘Twintex PP’, which is a composite of commingled E-glass and polypropylene filaments. The thermoplastic is blended with fiberglass to create a strong material when baked in an oven over a wood mold. This bench is made up of two halves of weaving, eight layers each, and each strand would converge back to a corner of the bench.

Fu Lei Zhi Bench 2

Fu Lei Zhi Bench 3

Fu Lei Zhi Bench 4

Fu Lei Zhi Bench 5

Image Courtesy: Vivian Chiu

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