Fun armchairs that look like cheerful knitted sweaters

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Danish designer Ellinor Ericsson created an exciting and fun colorful furniture collection, which looks like a warm winter sweater. Named X-Me, the collection is born as a response to the idea of introducing more textures in the Nordic furniture. Ericsson was dedicated to the collection with the idea to change the standard design, and the picture of Nordic furniture and create a path for slightly different schemes for the Scandinavian design.

With the collection of sofas and armchairs, Ericsson is making a bold blend of Nordic and rococo style, combining them together in a contemporary piece. The aim of the project was to find a balance between the two different aesthetics, one of them simple, precise and restrained, and the other rich with textures, asymmetrical and striking and to extract the best of them.

The base of the furniture collection is in typical Nordic style materials but with shapes that represent rococo style. Both elements have brackets made of thin strips of birch wood, which are intertwined with one another and are decorated with wool knits in different colors that allow comfortable back support.

The woolen pieces are in dynamic colors that enliven the minimalist furniture and make every interior fun and playful.

fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters1 fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters2 fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters3 fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters4 fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters5 fun-armchairs-that-look-like-cheerful-knitted-sweaters6(Photo Credits: www.ellinorericsson.com)

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