Fun children’s bed shaped like a vintage Volkswagen van

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Designing for children always requires involving the freest, unlimited part of our fantasy, the part that thinks that everything is possible.

This was exactly what inspired the creation of this playful children’s bed Bun Van inspired by the model of the famous white-blue vintage Volkswagen van.

The van, recognizable by the summer surfer and hippie adventures in the 50s and 70s, through the design by the studio Circu can now be a part of every child’s room. Sleeping in it becomes 10 times more fun because children can imagine traveling around the world in some of their stories and games.

The bed has the exact same shape as the van, but the inside houses a comfortable bed. The outside part is made from fiberglass, while the inner part is made from plywood. The van is like a whole room and has a bed, TV, minibar and a comfortable sofa to read and play.

This piece of furniture will soon becomes part of children’s play and imagination, fitting perfectly in every  interior.

(Photo Credits: www.circu.net)

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