Furniture From a Lost City

From A Lost City 1

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From A Lost City 1

Mexican designer Christian Vivanco has designed the ‘From a Lost City’, a multipurpose furniture unit that can be used as a storage, work surface or kitchen furniture. Following is some information by the designer, “Inspired by the Shanty towns around South America, from las ciudades perdidas in Mexico city to las favelas in Rio de Janeiro, FALC tries to preserve the improvisation’s essence, the grids absence, the disorder´s liberty.

From A Lost City 2

In this case we are witnesses to a relationship between fabrics, wood sticks and boxes in different dimensions and materials (osb, bamboo and polycarbonate), to show us a different piece of furniture with a complete and efficient functionality. We can use it for storage, as a work surface or as kitchen furniture. Accordingly, the drawers come in different sizes, for different necessities (office, kitchen, workshop, bedroom, living room, etc.).”

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