Giro One by Juil Kim 1

Giro One Multi-functional Furniture By Juil Kim

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Giro One by Juil Kim 1

Giro One is a multifunctional furniture created with nontoxic, recyclable materials, ABS, with high impact resistance as well as abrasion resistance. Designed by Korean designer Juil Kim from DesignJoo, this furniture is wood-shaped and has built-in power saving LED lamps for lighting. In the functional aspect, it doesn’t take the movable property of furniture but uses the mood volt that it can either rotate, move up or down. The height is also user adjustable. It is multipurpose furniture which can be used as lighting, bookcase, and shelf or side table. The design is very simple and matches to any place and expresses the space in various ways.

Giro One by Juil Kim 2

Giro One by Juil Kim 3

Giro One by Juil Kim 4

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