Hoof Tables by Samuel Wilkinson

Hoof Table Collection 1

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Hoof Table Collection 1

London-based designer Samuel Wilkinson has created the Hoof Table Collection for Danish company andTradition. The table has sharpened leg ends at the foot – like a horse’s hoof is trimmed before it is shod. According to the designer, “The main inspiration for the Hoof tables starts from the foot detail. I have always loved the painted wooden chairs that have the end of the legs left as natural wood so that the paint doesn’t chip off if kicked or knocked.

Hoof Table Collection 2

The fine edge of the tables is created from the soft chamfer being on the top and bottom. This also gives the tables a tactile feel and clearly shows that the tables are made from solid wood. The foot detail is created by reversing the usual production process; most furniture details, which have a painted section and a natural part, are assembled, masked off, and then painted. Hoof is painted first, then cut back to produce the unique detail.”

Hoof Table Collection 3

Hoof Table Collection 4

Hoof Table Collection 5

Hoof Table Collection 6

Hoof Table Collection 7

Image Courtesy: Samuel Wilkinson