Katra Chair by Studio Aparte

Katra Chair 1

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Katra Chair 1

French design studio Aparte has created the Katra Chair. The minimalist design of the chair is based on experiment between unique style and appropriate materials. According to the designer, “The use of composite materials offers unique creative opportunities in the field of furniture design, especially in terms of shape, texture and innovative use. However, the ecological and sanitary impact associated with use of such materials remains problematic.

A composite of natural origin was then essential and ramie introduced most appropriate mechanical properties for the project. This fiber, from a variety of nettle, appears among the most resistant natural fibers which possess more superior qualities than fiberglass.

Katra Chair 2

The design is minimalistic, the lines of Katra highlight the intrinsic qualities of the material: strength, lightness, in a formal definition that only composites can offer.”

Katra Chair 3

Katra Chair 4

Katra Chair 5

Katra Chair 6

Image Courtesy: Studio Aparte


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