Katto Chair by Luka Jelaska

Katto light wooden Chair 1

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Katto light wooden Chair 1

Young designer Luka Jelaska has created the Katto Chair. The light wooden chair features sharp cut edges and angles. The word “Katto” means cut in Japanese. In designer’s words, “Katto chair came out from sharp cut sketches as the name itself says. As everything was sharp cut design, the back and the seat also had to be in accordance. To prove firmness and comfort the pre-model was made, which also led to matching proportions and angles.  Its inclined legs indicate stability, while the slope of the seat and armrests indicate seating position and anatomy.

Katto light wooden Chair 2

There is no right angle between parts what gives a tension structure. The light Ash wood coated with acrylic white translucent lacquer gives the contrast of warm wood textures and cold sharp surfaces. Katto has an intention to unite body (e)motion and viewers perception of solids in its space, using material and his performances to produce interesting contrasts and effects of sitting experience.”

Katto light wooden Chair 3

Katto light wooden Chair 4

Image Courtesy: Luka Jelaska


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