KINK – Intentionally Damaged Furniture Design

Kink Chair 1

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Kink Chair 1

Kink is family of tubular steel furniture with kinks designed by German designers Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann of Osko+Deichmann. In designer’s words, “The tubing used in the furniture is not bent – as is normally in the case – but rather functionally folded, dented and kinked. The chairs, tables and other furniture derive their final form and function by means of this intentional process of “damaging” the tubular steel: the process traces, which would normally be regarded as defects, are in fact integral to the furniture’s design.

Kink Chair 2

The series “KINK” consists of a table, chair, writing table, cantilever chair, sideboard, shelf, coffee table and floor lamp made exclusively of tubular steel, pine wood and clamps.”

Kink Chair 3

Kink Table 1

Kink Table 2

Kink Writing Desk

Kink Floor Lamp

Kink Bench

Kink Shelf

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