Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock by Greg Hora

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Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock by Greg Hora

If your living room is very small and/or you don’t have enough space for your cat to sleep and hide out, then the Kitty Cradle is designed for you. It is a simple yet brilliant cat hammock that can be attached underneath any chair to create a hangout for your cat. Created by California-based designer Greg Hora, the cat furniture takes zero additional floor space and fits under virtually any chair with four legs and some space underneath. Installing and removing the cat hammock is very easy. Wrap the straps around the legs and secure them and a new home for your cat is ready. You can also use it on different chairs.

Kitty Cradle Space Saving Cat Furniture

Kitty Cradle Compact Cat Furniture

Kitty Cradle Cat Hammock

Kitty Cradle Space Saving Cat Hammock by Greg Hora

Image Courtesy: Greg Hora


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