Koloro Desk by Torafu Architects

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Koloro Desk 1

Japanese practice Torafu Architects has designed the Koloro Desk in collaboration with decorative plywood maker Ichiro. It is a customizable workspace that resembles a small private room with windows at various locations which can be opened for a more airy, accessible feel, or closed when you don’t want to be disturbed.

Koloro Desk 2

In designer’s words, “The koloro-desk has windows at various locations, opening to give a more open, accessible feel and when closed creating a small private room where no one can disturb you. Lighting and potted plants can be added, and there are windows for displaying the occasional ornament, hooks for bags, and a cord manager allowing PC use. Arrange the koloro-desk to make a study for Dad, a play area for a child, a hobby space or whatever you would like it to be.”

Koloro Desk 3

Koloro Desk 3

Koloro Desk 5

Koloro Desk 6

Koloro Desk 7

Koloro Desk 8

Koloro Desk 9

Koloro Desk 10

Image Courtesy: Ichiro

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