Kosha Reading Chair by Claudio D’Amore

Kosha Reading Chair 1

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Kosha Reading Chair 1

Kosha is a comfortable reading chair designed by Claudio D’Amore. The term Kosha is a Sanskrit word meaning “sheath” or “vehicle of awareness”. The functionality and unique design of the Kosha chair is ideal for bookworms. Here is a description from the designer, “Kosha is an innovative, original and decidedly different concept. More than a luxury piece of furniture, Kosha is a meditative space, a sort of protective sheath.

Kosha Reading Chair 2

This exceptional object consists of 33 strips of wood machined one by one then assembled by hand with a watchmaker’s precision. 10 niches provide spaces to store one’s favourite books, always within easy reach. With its pure, enveloping aesthetics and shapely lines drawn to embrace harmoniously the body’s curves, Kosha combines a strong and timeless design with faultless ergonomics.”

Kosha Reading Chair 4

Kosha Reading Chair 5

Kosha Reading Chair 6

Kosha Reading Chair 7

Kosha Reading Chair 8

Image Courtesy: Claudio D’Amore