Mind the Gap by Ida Noemi

Mind the Gap 1

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Mind the Gap 1

Mind the Gap is a multipurpose entrance furniture collection designed by Norwegian designer Ida Noemi. The collection includes a console and a stool with storage compartments underneath resembling cityscapes, for small items such as handbag, news paper, magazine etc. Following is some information from the designer, “Mind the Gap entrance furniture demand little space and fit perfectly in an entrance. The boxes respond to different actions in the entrance, and make a composition of visible and hidden spaces.

Resembling cityscapes, they bring to mind another miniature world, looking at life upside down, marking a shift in attention. When coming home your mind is not on where you empty your pockets and leave your things, but rather on finally being home to relax, and when you exit you might be stressed and need one spot to get what you want. As a charge/relief station, the console and the stool function as storage furniture for must haves -a place to get armed or disarmed.

Mind the Gap 2

The entrance is the first room you enter in a home, and the last room you leave. It bridges the gap between the private world and the outside world. Thinking of the entrance this way, it can be defined as a transition portal between the two worlds. You never spend time there, yet you always pass by – a transitional moment of extreme stress or ultimate relief. Mind the Gap comment on this two-sidedness of the entrance. The furniture are a part of my master diploma Meaningful Embraces with Objects, a discursive diploma looking at the emotional side of design. The diploma is inspired by the fact that emotionally neutral objects do not exist and that today we search for objects that are not only functional, but also inspiring. We fill our homes with furniture and things we love, and objects that say something about who we are.

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Photo: Kaja Bruskeland

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