Minimalist And Modern Living Room Designs From Circulo Muebles

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These modern living room interiors were designed by Paco Alcalde and Kiko Moreno for Circulo Muebles. The furniture are bold with wooden and lacquered finish. The shelving systems have colorful finishing with modern touch and high amount of style.

“A program designed by Paco Moreno Mayor and Kiko, who advocates a strong formal dynamism. A set of geometries and volumes, which introduces a surprising element of color that generates dynamism and vitality in your living room. A collection that perfectly combines innovative design at affordable prices. Treat yourself to furnish your home with the latest trends, you can afford. There are many customization options as you can choose from different woods and lakes. – CHAPAS: Oak wenge finish, oak finish ash, American walnut and teak. – LACQUERS: Pistachio, white, black, red, orange sahara. – GLASS: Pistachio, white, black, red, orange sahara, chocolate, quartz and silver” – Circulo Muebles.

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