Modern furniture with retro aesthetics

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Modern furniture with retro aesthetics

Every piece of furniture created by the young artist Jory Brigham reminds us of the retro 50’s and the vintage flawless aesthetics. Brigham incorporates the aesthetics and style of the 50’s in his wooden furniture, but with a modern approach that makes the pieces adaptable to any type of modern interior.

An energetic mix of classic and contemporary Scandinavian style, the collection “Chromatic” consists of four elements: chair, club table, desk and chest of drawers, molded by a common thread of the design. The unique pieces are created after a trip that Brigham had through his native California where he got familiar with various modulations and accents in the traditional design, which create different effects and perspectives and that inspired him to create interesting concepts that represent a play with colors and textures.

The pieces are dynamic and relaxing, each with their own character and style that demonstrate the ability of Brigham to give a modern image and interpretation of the vintage style.

Modern furniture with retro aesthetics1Modern furniture with retro aesthetics2Modern furniture with retro aesthetics3Modern furniture with retro aesthetics4Modern furniture with retro aesthetics5Modern furniture with retro aesthetics6Modern furniture with retro aesthetics7Modern furniture with retro aesthetics8Modern furniture with retro aesthetics9(Photo Credits: www.jorybrigham.com)

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