Mold Chair 1

Mold Chair by Petter Thorne and Anders Johnsson

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Mold Chair 1

Mold is a high-pressure-molded chair made using industrial waste material and is designed by Petter Thorne and Anders Johnsson. In designer’s words, “Mold is a concept to take care of industrial waste material in a rational way. The veneer is high-pressure-molded in a double sided form. We have converted the disadvantage of the small format veneer-waste slivers into a constructive advantage that has facilitated the double-curved surface. The variety of veneer in terms of wood type and format make each individual piece of furniture unique.

Mold Chair 2

To present the MOLD concept we show two easy chairs, both with an extreme double-curved surface to show the possibilities with the new method and technique. These two chairs is just one way of using this technique. This concept not only gives new design objectives but also enables the industry to better make use of its waste material. It’s a great challenge to use waste material in an industrial context, but a much greater benefit when it succeeds. Our concept makes it possible to mold with a two-part form with almost the same effort as in conventional molding.

Mold Chair 3

Mold Chair 4

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