Multipurpose Furniture Morfeo By Domodinamica

Morfeo sofa by Domodinamica 1

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Morfeo sofa by Domodinamica 1

Morfeo is a unique combination of sofa, bed with built-in reading/night lamp designed by Domodinamica. Here is some information by the designer, “He is the God of sleep and he has two long, luminous antennas, cuddle up into his arms and you will have sweet dreams. Structure made of flexible polyurethane resin covered with elastic fabrics as per sample collection. Inside the frame a folding bed-net with mattress laid upon and it is easy to take out. On head-sides two adjustable lamps provided with switches offer a pleasant light.”

Morfeo sofa by Domodinamica 2

Morfeo sofa by Domodinamica 3

Morfeo sofa by Domodinamica 4

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