Nook Stool & Bench by Patrick Frey for Vial

Nook Stool 1

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Nook Stool 1

Korean designer Patrick Frey has created the Nook stool and bench in collaboration with the German furniture brand Vial. The furniture series is made using a unique material called VarioLine®. The material is widely used in automobile and marine industries, but has been used in furniture design for the first time. The VarioLine® is also weatherproof,  UV-resistant and easily recyclable. Both stool and bench are made from the single piece of material.

Nook Stool 2

Nook Stool 3

Nook Stool 4

Nook Stool 5

Nook Stool 6

Nook Bench 1

Nook Bench 2

Nook Bench 3

Nook Bench 4

Image Courtesy: Vial

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