Olly – Foldable Stool Concept by Kate Pashinova

Olly foldable stool concept 1

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Olly foldable stool concept 1

Olly is a foldable stool concept created by Moscow-based designer Kate Pashinova. In designer’s words, “Olly is a concept of collapsible furniture for small spaces. The idea of compact storage is rather relevant nowadays when a person needs to keep the furniture in a foldable way, as she or he doesn’t have enough space for big chairs and stools.

Olly foldable stool concept 2

The principle of work is very easy, the base of the stool is a cross-like construction which provides the stool with high stability and easily can be turned into flat position by rotating one of its parts by 90 degrees.  The stool can be hung on the walls or leaned to the other furniture.”

Olly foldable stool concept 3

Image Courtesy: Kate Pashinova

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