one&one Chair by Konstantinos Pamporis

one&one chair 1

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one&one chair 1

German designer Konstantinos Pamporis has created the “one&one” chair. The unique furniture unit consists of two chairs. One chair has legs on only one side which makes it automatically depend on the other chair. The idea of the chair symbolizes the relationship between a couple. According to the designer, “A relationship is only possible when there exists dependence. The elements that come with dependence are “faith” and “risk”.

one&one chair 2

With one&one i want to show that everyone in a relationship, independent of gender, has and exercises power. Sometimes that happens knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. The outlines colored in pink and green give the simple design of the chairs a fresh and provoking character.”

one&one chair 3

one&one chair 4

Image Courtesy: Konstantinos Pamporis


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