Ova Easy Chair by Christian Dorn

Ova Easy Chair 1

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Ova Easy Chair 1

Designer Christian Dorn of German design studio STILTREU has created the Ova Easy Chair. The simple design of the chair is composed of two powder-coated steel frames and a cushion. According to the designer, “The idea is to design a timeless piece of furniture with transient smooth shape from simple, soft geometry. The focus is equally supposed to be on convenience and seating comfort.

Ova Easy Chair 2

The form is to appear secondary or should not be perceived so markedly and is intended to merge into a whole thanks to the choice and impressions of high-quality types of leather.”

Ova Easy Chair 3

Ova Easy Chair 4

Ova Easy Chair 5

Ova Easy Chair 6

Image Courtesy: STILTREU