Papergeometrix Chair by Maria Yasko

Papergeometrix Chair 1

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Papergeometrix Chair 1

Papergeometrix Chair is a multipurpose furniture unit designed by Mascow-based designer Maria Yasko. The design of the chair is very geometrical with straight and clean lines, multiple geometric shapes, no curves, as if it was folded out of a paper, hence the name Papergeometrix Chair. The furniture serves two purposes; as a reading chair and as a storage shelf for books and other small things. As the books and magazines are stored right behind and under you, you can easily switch the books while reading, without having to get up and move.

The minimal aesthetic of the chair suits to most of the modern day homes. For a reading chair, it may be a little uncomfortable around the edges and may require some user-end cushioning. Take a look at the pictures below.

Papergeometrix Chair 2

Papergeometrix Chair 3

Papergeometrix Chair 4

Image Courtesy: Maria Yasko


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