Paraleelos Bookcase by Masiosare Studio

Paraleelos Bookcase 1

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Paraleelos Bookcase 1

Mexican design firm Masiosare Studio has created the Paraleelos Bookcase. The low cost bookcase features a unique design where all the pieces are held together by using only pressure, without the use of any fixtures or adhesive. According to the designer, “It is formed by two vertical elements that hold the horizontal pieces that are used both to give structure and as shelves.

Its design allows the horizontal and vertical measures to be adapted to make it suitable for any space. From the inside rectangles, that are cut off the vertical pieces, smaller squares result that may be inserted in the horizontal shelves to have more space for smaller books and different objects.”

Paraleelos Bookcase 2

Paraleelos Bookcase 3

Paraleelos Bookcase 4

Paraleelos Bookcase 5

Image Courtesy: Masiosare Studio

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