Parawall by Anne Lorenz and Hanna Emilie Ernsting

Parawall Room Divider 1

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Parawall Room Divider 1

Parawall is a multi-purpose room divider designed by Anne Lorenz and Hanna Emilie Ernsting. The unit features lids and boxes that can be fixed into the wooden frames using magnetic force. The wooden frames are locked into position with hinges and can be folded when not needed. In designer’s words, “Parawall is a modular system for dividing living areas. Blinds and boxes can be fixed into the wooden frame with magnets in any position, depending on how transparent or shielded the places should be. This allows several activities to take place in the same room, as is the case in loft apartments.”

Parawall Room Divider 2

Parawall Room Divider 3

Parawall Room Divider 4

Parawall Room Divider 5

Image Courtesy: Anne Lorenz

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