Pebble Chair and Stool by Benjamin Hubert

Pebble Chair and Stool

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Pebble Chair and Stool

London-based designer Benjamin Hubert has created the Pebble Chair and Stool in collaboration with the Dutch furniture company De Vorm. Inspired by the smooth and rounded shape of the Pebble stones, both chair and stool feature a rotational moulded seat and wooden legs. According to the producer, “Pebble is designed with ambitions of high comfort, broad range of applications, minimal environmental impact and, as with the other furniture of De Vorm, production in the Netherlands.

To ensure minimal environmental impact Pebble can be completely disassembled. Thus, all components are easily recycled and transport volume is reduced to a minimum.”

Pebble Chair and Stool

Pebble Chair

Pebble Chair disassembled

Pebble Seat

Pebble Chair Moulded Seat

Pebble Stool

Pebble table

Pebble Table

Pebble Stools

Image Courtesy: Benjamin Hubert

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