Petroglyph Furniture Collection by Studio Nucleo

Petroglyph Armchair 1

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Petroglyph Armchair 1

Turin-based design studio Nucleo has created the Petroglyph Furniture Collection. The collection is composed of wooden tables and armchairs made using scrap materials sourced by Nucleo Laboratory. Varying lengths of waist plywood pieces are assembled in layers to create the furniture units. The different colors and lengths of the scrap pieces create a constantly changing and evolving form.

Petroglyph Armchair 2

Following is a description from the designer, “Petroglyph as the neorealism in everyday life. Petroglyph as stories handed down over generations. Petroglyph as a medium of hidden messages.

Petroglyph Coffee Table 1

The layers of the material evoke the wooden tablets used to make scribbles in the preliminary phase of cave painting, becoming a media to support an even more relevant piece of art.”

Petroglyph Coffee Table and Armchair

Petroglyph Armchair 3

Petroglyph Armchair 4

Petroglyph Table

Image Courtesy: Nucleo

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