Plantable by JAILmake Studio

Plantable Garden Table 1

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Plantable Garden Table 1

The Plantable is a table which reintroduces nature back into your living space. Designed by London-based design studio JAILmake, the table is on show at the London Designersblock 2011. Following is some information from the designers, “The Plantable reintroduces nature back into the experience of gathering, cooking and eating a meal. It takes a currently domesticated object and enables nature to claim it back.

Plantable Garden Table 2

The space provided for plants to grow in the four legs reflects on the distance we place between ourselves and the processes involved in making our food. We’ve tried and tested climbers, tomatoes, herbs and sweet peas.

Plantable Garden Table 3

The Plantable is hand made in our workshops in South East London, where each leg is hand bent and fillet brazed into the framework. A hand made English oak top is then placed over it, for plenty to sit around and enjoy.”

Plantable Garden Table 4

Plantable Garden Table 5

Plantable Garden Table 6

Image Courtesy: JAILmake

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