Playful sofa design that looks like a huge and comfortable nest

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Merav Salush Eitan and Gaston Zahr from “OGE Creative Group” were inspired by the structure of the nest, and therefore decided to create a playful space for recreation. This design called “Giant Birdnest for creating new ideas” consists of a circular wooden structure, filled with soft egg-shaped cushions. You can use the sofa to rest, work, or even use it as a mini socializing space.

This unconventional concept transcends the typical sofa and enables a new and fun way for relaxing and socializing. This product can be ordered in various sizes, ranging from a small nest for 2 to 3 people, up to a 4.5 m diameter nest which could comfortably accommodate 16 people.


(Photo Credits: http://giantbirdsnest.com/)