Plyght Shelf by Joeri Reynaert

Plyght Shelf 1

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Plyght Shelf 1

Plyght is a light and simple shelving system designed by Joeri Reynaert. In designer’s words, “By moulding a sheet of plywood a wall luminating shelf is created. The bend gives room for the integration of light and makes an invisible fixation possible. This results in a pure silhouette that seems to be floating. Plyght provides functional up and downlight, showing the meaningful use of wooden moulded elements with 3D veneers. This design was showcased in the finals of the international Becker design contest 2011 and got produced on a 1 on 1 scale as seen on this picture.”

Plyght Shelf 2

Plyght Shelf 3

Image Courtesy: Joeri Reynaert

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