Prism Tables by Jason Phillips Design

Prism Tables 1

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Prism Tables 1

American designer Jason Phillips has designed Prism Tables. In designer’s words, “ Inspired by the Sunset Chapel in Acapulco, Mexico, by architecture firm BNKR Arquitectura. It is made to look like a colossal granite rock and sits atop Acapulco’s hills. Elevated fifteen feet in the air to give it both an effect of floating as well as to take full advantage of the amazing views. It also allows the sites vegetation to breathe.

Prism Tables 2

The Prism Tables are named after the optical effect of light refracting off polished surfaces. Mimicking the facets of a precious gem, and creating flat highlights,midtones, and shadows on both lacquered and natural surfaces. The chunky yet slender table balances on a sturdy metal base. Available in glossy black lacquer or natural, eco-friendly bamboo strips.”

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