PS30 Kid's puzzle sofa 1

PS30 Puzzle Sofa For Kids By Designskin

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PS30 Kid's puzzle sofa 1

PS30 Puzzle Sofa designed by Designskin is a children’s sofa that can be transformed into mattress easily. Children can enjoy various puzzles with this flexible furniture. Two connected sofa frames and ten puzzles blocks compose PS30. When you fold, it becomes sofa and when you unfold, you can use it as a mattress. Steel frame is loaded inside the frame of the sofa to support its interior materials. PU urethane cover is used as an exterior, posing no health hazard to children. This also makes this sofa water proof and easy to clean.

PS30 Kid's puzzle sofa 2

PS30 Kid's puzzle sofa 3

PS30 Kid's puzzle sofa 4