Quad shelf standard 1

Quad Multi-Purpose Shelf Design By Nauris Kalinauskas

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Quad shelf standard 1

Recently while searching for a storage system got this old but truly functional shelf design. QUAD is a series of multi-purpose storage shelf system designed by Nauris Kalinauskas for Contraforma. The series contains three types of shelf system: Quad mini, Quad oblong and Quad standard. Storage case Quad is an elegant and modern design solution to those day to day storage problems. With Quad, CDs, DVDs, magazines, books, folders etc all can be stored in one place. You can purchase this at Contaforma.

Quad shelf standard 2

Quad shelf standard 3

Quad shelf standard 4

Quad Shelf Mini

Quad shelf mini 1

Quad shelf mini 2

Quad shelf mini 3

Quad shelf mini 4

Quad Shelf Oblong

Quad shelf oblong 1

Quad shelf oblong 2

Quad shelf oblong 3

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