Rapa Felt Chair by Ayala Serfaty of Aqua Creations

Rapa Felt Chair 1

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Rapa Felt Chair 1

Ayala Serfaty of Aqua Creations has designed the Rapa Felt Chair. In designer’s words, “The Rapa chair is made of 18 kinds of natural fibers, wools, silks and linens. To achieve the texture and look of the fabric the fibers are laid in 10 layers and felted on a mold to create a seamless, pre shaped upholstery.

Rapa Felt Chair 2

As a trained painter Ayala Serfaty approached the making of this piece as such. While the mold is the canvas, the fibers, wools and silks are her paint. The layered and felted fibers result in an upholstery with a vast array of shades and textures and give a sense of depth and density to the textile.

Rapa Felt Chair 3

The shape of the Rapa chair is reminiscent of a classic modernist chair. Instead of using the obvious industrial materials Serfaty chose this specific upholstery, merging the ancient with the industrial and giving the chair an elegance that is supported by emotion and depth. Every angle and distance gives a different view to the material, showing different textures and colors.

Rapa Felt Chair 4

This upholstery art is the first of its kind; it merges the ancient art of handmade felt with contemporary furniture design.” Photos: Albi Serfaty.

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