Rock Coffee Table Collection by Rafa Garcia

Rock coffee table collection 1

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Rock coffee table collection 1

Rafa Garcia of Spanish design company Sancal has designed a family of coffee tables called the Rock. The furniture collection has 3 different-sized tables that can be arranged in variety of different ways for different needs. Here is some information from the designer, “Technically, rock is an accelerated blues rhythm. In this instance, however, Rock is a small family of tables inspired by the abundance, exuberance and optimism of the ‘50s -an expressive and sensual project influenced by organic and biomorphic forms which popularized the pioneers of industrial design.

Rock coffee table collection 2

The Rock tables, like the musical style from which the name is taken, are characterized by a contemporary feel, and by the fusion of different styles – in this case visual rather than sonorous.

Rock coffee table collection 3

Rock has 3 sizes; the bigger the top the smaller the table in height. Why this difference? Because they interact with one another and each design is unique. The largest top is 31cm high, the medium one is 35cm high and the smallest one is 39cm high.

Rock coffee table collection 4

Any of the 3 sizes is available in oak-stained veneer and grey mirror. The medium table also offers the option of a smoked top, to generate an interesting play between transparencies and to enhance the juxtaposition of tables, as referred to above.

Rock coffee table collection 5

There is a fourth, lifting version – only available in the smallest size. By exerting pressure on the top the trigger is activated by a gas piston and, as if by magic, the table increases its height by 20.5cm. To return to the original height, merely press on the top until the trigger locks. The lifting Rock is perfect as an auxiliary table, since its height allows one to work comfortably on a laptop, or to partake of a light supper – and all this without any buttons or hooks in sight!”

Rock coffee table collection 6

Rock coffee table collection 7

Image Courtesy: Sancal

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