Rocker Stool by Hamish Tennent

Rocker Stool concept 1

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Rocker Stool concept 1

New Zealand-based industrial designer Hamish Tennent has created the Rocker Stool concept. According to the designer, “Designed to evoke a playful reaction, rocker stool is a low seat that invites the user to investigate it. Black sand is placed inside the stool so when the user stands up the stool remains tilted to the last angle.

Rocker Stool concept 2

The stool was designed in response to a brief I was given to design a piece of furniture around the theme of ‘play’. The simple slip cast ceramic body and cork top provides an easy and sustainable solution that has an interesting juxtaposition of materials.”

Rocker Stool concept 3

Rocker Stool concept 4

Rocker Stool concept 5

Rocker Stool concept 6

Image Courtesy: Hamish Tennent

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