Simple and Minimalist Wire-Frame Bookshelf Design

Modular Wire-Frame Bookshelf design

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Modular Wire-Frame Bookshelf design

Modern storage furniture units like bookcases and bookshelves are small in size, simple in design and minimal in appearance. Tensor Voting, an unusual and uneven wire-frame bookshelf designed by Giulio Parini gives new meaning to the words simple and minimal. This modern storage bookcase is actually a set of few metal rods and connectors which can be bolted in the wall in infinite configurations which looks like geometrical patterns. The shape and size of the bookshelf can be changed easily. The Tensor Voting is a furniture which shows the stored items, the wall on which it’s mounted and itself in an artistic way. Check out the pictures.

Minimalist bookshelf design Tensor Voting

tensor Voting Bookshelf made of Metal rod

Modular Bookshelf made of Metal rod

Tensor Voting modular bookshelf

Modern Bookshelf design

Simple and minimalist storage furniture