Slot Boks by Thomas Jenkins

Slot Boks 1

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Slot Boks 1

Norwegian designer Thomas Jenkins has created the Slot Boks. It is an open bookcase with an integrated cord that acts as a book end/divider. The simple design of the bookcase was inspired by the stacks of magazines and newspapers found in most living rooms.

Slot Boks 2

In designer’s words, “The design utilises simple mitre joints, strengthened with an equal angle ‘L’ section to regain stability lost by removing the back of a typical box. The introduction of this detail allows for an opening between the front and rear sections. This slot, from which the product takes its name, is used as a guide for the moveable organiser cord.”

Slot Boks 3

Slot Boks 4

Slot Boks 5

Image Courtesy: Thomas Jenkins

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