Snoo, designer crib that automatically rocks your baby

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Inspired by the long sleepless nights with a newborn baby, designer Yves Behar designed a modern baby cot which seamlessly begins to rock the baby when it detects loud sounds like a baby crying. Designed with creative lines and retro style, the crib offers an excellent solution for new parents that are in desperate need to sleep at least a little more.

The designer presents Snoo as the first “smart” crib, which automatically responds to crying babies and movement and begins to rock it until it falls asleep without parents having to do it. The bed has a built-in microphone, speakers and sensors that detect when a loud sounds and distressed movements and begins to gently rock the baby and the speed is gradually increasing until the baby is back to sleep.

Behar notes that the idea comes from his personal experience and frequent awakening of his baby, leaving him and his wife without a good night’s sleep. The designer claims that the crib effectively and quickly manages to calm even the most distressed babies. The cradle comes preloaded with an online application, which monitors how the baby sleeps.

The cradle with white soft mesh fabric in semicircular form is placed on a dark wood and elegant white metal legs. The mesh material allows parents to have a better and easier view of the movement of the baby. The piece looks elegant with interesting modern design, and although it has an integrated technological system, thanks to the good design none of it is exposed and visible and the cradle looks like an excellent functional furniture for modern children’s rooms.

snoo-designer-bed-that-automatically-rocks-your-baby1 snoo-designer-bed-that-automatically-rocks-your-baby2(Photo Credits: www.happiestbaby.com)


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