Stitching Concrete by Florian Schmid

Stitching Concrete 1

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Stitching Concrete 1

German designer Florian Schmid has designed a new collection of furniture called Stitching Concrete using the material Concrete Canvas. In designer’s words, “It combines the softness of cloth with the stability of concrete. Once brought in the final shape, you just have to water the material and within 24h it will almost harden out completely. The challenge was to get into the material and bring it from its rawness to something new. Approaching trough patterns, origami and stitching a unique series of stools got born.

Waterproof, fireproof, resistant against UV, durable. The fibre reinforcement makes it strong and the cloth gives back a warm atmosphere.”

Stitching Concrete 2

Stitching Concrete 3

Stitching Concrete 4

Stitching Concrete 5

Image Courtesy: Florian Schmid

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