Stretched Nylon Net Stiletto Chair 1

Stretched Nylon Net Chair by Magdalena Ekström

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Stretched Nylon Net Stiletto Chair 1

The Stiletto Chair is an eco-friendly easy chair designed by Magdalena Ekström. The chair uses non-toxic materials, such as stretched nylon net instead of the foam and toxic glue. The chair made of stretched nylon net gives the same level of comfort as a regular upholstered chair but uses less material. The material is very light and can be attached without any glue.

Stretched Nylon Net Stiletto Chair 2

In designer’s words, “The inspiration of the chair comes from womens’ sitting posture. The shape of the Stiletto Chair is asymmetrical because women tend to sit more asymmetrical than men do. The intention was to create the same expression as in a chaise longue, but in a modern, elegant easy chair.”

Stretched Nylon Net Stiletto Chair 3

Image Courtesy: Magdalena Ekström


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