Swingers Bench by Neulhae Cho

Swingers Bench 1

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Swingers Bench 1

Swingers is a unique bench designed for two people, especially strangers. Created by Korean designer Neulhae Cho, the design of the bench was inspired by seesaw. It has two chairs connected to a curved central base. When people sit on the chairs, the curved base swings, just like a seesaw.

Swingers Bench 2

According to the designer, “When two people sit on both sides of this chair, the bending shape facilitates to get closer as the people play seesaw.I would like to say that why they have to move for each other. The moving makes them bring smile and the smile makes them get closer.Why don’t we sit on the same bench instead of one chair each? The “Swingers” chair helps you to get closer to other human beings and humanity.”

Swingers Bench 3

image Courtesy: Neulhae Cho


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